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A Message from the President

When I got involved in our local AAF chapter a few years back I realized that I'd been missing out on a community that is passionate about what they do and very willing to help others. We all have war stories and we all know what it's like to work in the crazy world of advertising and marketing, and AAF-Michiana gives us an opportunity to commiserate and celebrate our successes as a community. 

Since then I’ve learned, been inspired and had a great time at countless AAF socials, lunch meetings and special events. I’ve been proud to see projects I've worked on win American Advertising Awards and excited to see people who have moved from strangers to friends win some too.

Take an hour and join us at a lunch meeting or head to a social after work. You’re going to meet great people, have a good time and possibly even learn something.

- Liz Harter